Based on true events, read at your own risk!
A group of 20-something college students had set out for a fun filled ride to the hills… Only had they known what the night had in store for them!
After a tiring hike, they huddled around a comfy bonfire under a starlit sky. The set up was such that the guys couldn’t resist the temptation of horror stories, so they started narrating incidents and folktales. A girl amongst them didn’t feel very well, so she retired to one of the cottages.
As the night progressed, the fire started to die out, the stars disappeared and only a full moon shone over them through the hooded trees. Tale after tale, the spookiness, and the muffles in the trees got to them. Shrieks, nudges and holding on to each gripping end… They finally got sleepy and got back to the cottages. The girls tried to open the door but it was locked. They knocked, they banged but no response. They managed to peep thru’ the window and saw her lying so still that it gave them chills! They tried calling her, but she hardly moved an inch. Finally after hours of beating drums at the door, she suddenly woke up from her Satanic slumber only to ask” Did I fall asleep?”. She hadn’t heard a sound! She did not know a thing!
It seemed straight out of a scary movie. To date they do know what had possessed her!
Or was it just deep sound sleep???
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