Most of mankind has been a delusioned by the very idea of love often limiting it to, between two individuals and a few red hearts! But love is so much more, a myriad of emotions, comes in various forms and displayed in millions of colours and its omnipresence becomes vivid at every step!
This daily ferry ride on the Ganga is sweet testimony giving ample examples to ascertain it’s existence! It’s a witness to how the endless horizon loves the grey sky and when they kiss, their moment is obscured by some dusty smoke and misty fog that mingle together to keep a secret of their own!
The narcissist boats with their blue sidebars in love their reflection in the pristine waters gloat away in glory… The hardly used oars of the mini ships head over heels for the waves in the river wanting to create some ripples too! The orange butterfly very much attracted to the colourful seaweed and the flying gulls drooling over that one handsome albatross soaring above them! As they sail away from the harbour, you see the adulation the fisherman holds for his great net knowing that it earns him his bread.. The way a new mother pines for her baby across the river but has to sacrifice to work for its own good… The dedication shown by the little school boy for his ardent wish to study as he travels from shore to shore each day… The passion with which the dear Babumoshaye cradles his age-old transistor swooning to the old tunes of Kishore and Manna Dey! The nervous glances shared between the teenaged boy on the ferry and the pretty girl on the other bears proof that young love is about to blossom. The ferry ride is indeed a joy ride where you get enjoy all types of love and soothe your searching eyes!