When I was five, I came home from school one day and planted a seed in my courtyard because my teacher told our class that a seed grows into a tree and since my parents refused to get me a pet dog I decided that I would have my pet tree. I put the seed in the ground and would watch it for hours at length waiting for it to grow. But it just lay there. Days passed and I started to get disheartened, losing faith in the idea itself for I wanted my tree desperately. One day as I was sitting morose by the patch my grandma came by and asked “What’s the matter, child?”

I had tears in my eyes and narrated my anguish tale to her, demanding her to make the seed grow for me. She said “Have you watered it, my dear? The seed cannot root on its own, you need to water it regularly in order to make it sprout. Water it daily and soon you will see the result”

I did exactly I was told to, watered it every day and fine day I saw a green little shoot protrude out of the seed shell. I ran to my grandma, all excited and joyous to show that I owned something of my own now!” She smiled at me and said “Congratulations. I knew your conviction will help you through, remember this always”. That day along with the shoot the idea of conviction was also planted.

Your perseverance always yields fruit if you display the desired conviction. This reminds me of the story of the eagle and its eaglet who refused to fly. Every day the mother would urge the baby eagle to open its wings and at least try. Day after day she would to do everything in her power with dire conviction to help it fly. But the small one refused to budge. One final day, to prove her resolve the mother pushed it off a cliff clenching her heart tight whether her impulsive decision will be successful or not. Her joys knew bounds when she saw her young one, flap its wings overcome its fear and soar higher in the blue sky. Her duty, her efforts, her resolve had found home, such is the power of conviction!

In our daily lives, our closest association to conviction is that of passion, because to follow something that you love you need the conviction to pursue it zeal and enthusiasm, as life without passion is like a tree without any leaves. Furthermore you need to strengthened your resolve if you want to turn your passion into profession, a privilege granted to a hardly few. But nurturing your skills within and your latent potential is of utmost importance because that is a booster which helps you somewhere or the other and a secret cause of a reasonless smile.

This is possible only with a concrete conviction which is a promise to your passion a promise to the world, that you will never let that smile go amiss, divert your time and energy towards proper causes and complete efforts towards a fruitful life. And once you emerge as a gritty person with a steel conviction in no time you would go places beyond expectations.