A new show premiered recently on Sony Television Rishta Sajhedaari ka wherein the hero proudly says my wife will be called Sheetal Agrawal Dalmia after marriage!

Wow! Agrawal bhi Dalmia Bhi? And he gloats saying two families are coming together so why not!

Dude! If two families are joining why don’t you change your name to Dalmia Agrawal too? Equal equal right?

The ads have beat the shit out of me, ‘cause I am fed with the hypocrisy!

Weddings are supposed to be fun and marriages have to be about sharing and not burdening the girl with a million changes in her life!

Stepping into a new home doesn’t not mean you have to make alterations to who are and changing names and surnames hardly solve any purpose except for adding another feather to all things patriarchal.

A woman is not legally required to take her husband’s last name. However many courts and offices ask women to file all proceedings in her husband’s surname after marriage. But girls, this is not compulsory, it is just an age old tradition which is now misinterpreted as a law.

This archaic thinking triggered my criticism when I recently read that since 1896, Japan has had a law which requires spouses to have the same surname. The law was cleverly framed and does not specifically require women to change their surnames, but the patriarchal nature of Japanese society has ensured that in 96% of the cases, women are the ones who change their surnames.

But according to The Guardian, five women sued the Japanese government for this law on grounds of unconstitutionality, last December. “If changing surnames is so easy, why don’t men do it?” demands Kaori Oguni, one of the five plaintiffs in the lawsuit, and this summed up the entire issue.

“By losing your surname, you’re being made light of, you’re not respected. It’s as if part of yourself vanishes”, they said.

Orthodox people who are against this motion are of the opinion that “Allowing different surnames risks destroying social stability, the maintenance of public order and the basis for social welfare”.


This flawed thinking that women have to keep two names, their maiden name for professional use, and their legal name for official purposes is absolutely preposterous!

So it’s a loud shout out to all the girls getting married! Take a firm stance against this Man’s world! Keep your identity! And it is not just some feminist rebellion, it is practically so much better!

Why undergo the troubles of changing all documents right from Passport, PAN card, driving license, credit and debit cards, to bank accounts and life insurance when you can easily avoid the major hassle of paperwork?

Carry on the family name just like men! Whoever says that legacies are only to be carry forwarded by sons, daughter can do just as much.

Why does it always have to be the wife? We have people, Men who have been courteous and brave enough to become symbols of feminism by taking their wife’s name.

Renowned writer Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar took his wife’s Shahnaz Anklesaria surname  to show gender equality in his home. Actress Zoe Saldana’s husband Marco Perego Saldana took his wife’s surname after marriagewhen she took his surname Perego.

Well we aren’t really forcing men to take up their wife’s surnames. But then shouldn’t the society be liberal enough to women to make their choice! If they men choose, then why can’t women? It’s 2016.